Writing Equations From Tables Worksheet

As an added challenge, learners will then need to make use of the equations they write to be able to find missing values in tables. This worksheet is a good way to provide students a stable foundation in writing linear equations from tables, which they may encounter again in algebra and past. In this lesson, college students learn to write the equation of an exponential function by looking at both a table of values or a graph.

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  • Students will decide the growth issue and the y-intercept to write down the equation.
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Students will decide the expansion factor and the y-intercept to put in writing the equation. Included in this bundle is a notes page with reply key and a homework task with reply key. This lesson aligns with the NYS Common Core Algebra I course. Student pages are word paperwork and reply keys are pdf paperwork. Please notice most of these are one step equations and include a couple of problems with fractions and decimals. Teachers Pay Teachers is a web-based marketplace where academics buy and sell unique instructional materials.


Writing Equations From Tables Math Pocket Book Web Page With Digital Model

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Writing Equations From Tables Worksheet

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